Parts of the Fish - PDF

Parts of the Fish - PDF


This is a digital download of a PDF that includes the Parts of the Fish three part card set. Once printed, and cut you will have:

A 15 page nomenclature booklet (28 pages glued back to back) with a cover page

15 picture control cards

15 picture cards 

15 vocabulary cards

14 definition cards without vocabulary

14 vocabulary word cards


Unfamiliar on how to use this material? This tutorial will make you a wizard!


Printing Note

When printing, setting your printer to print each page at its original size will allow the cards to be cut at 4 inches wide and 5 inches tall. Guide marks may or may not be visible depending on your printer and settings.

Full guide marks for cutting are included on each page and will be visible if your printer has borderless printing enabled, or if you allow the printer to fit or scale the page down. This will usually print the cards out at 94% of their original size. Make sure you remeasure everything if you are a stickler for exactness and you plan to mount these on construction paper.

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